By Nandini Hegde, Film Production Faculty, Jain Animation School



WHITE CANVAS: Jain Animation School Fest


A writer is intimidated and inspired by a blank sheet of paper. The same thing happens to an artist when he looks at a white canvas. What should he paint? The possibilities are endless. The things that matter are his creativity, perspective, and determination. The students of Jain Animation School wanted to give a platform, to all the students of various departments, where they could express themselves and showcase their talent. And so they started White Canvas: Jain Animation School Fest.



BOMBS AT SITE A: The art installation based on Counter Strike made by the animation students


The fest was held on 25th and 26th August and it had events to suit different interests. There was gaming where the students had to form teams and battle against each other in Counter Strike. The other events were photography competition, best selfie competition, and trash craft. The animation students created the environment of Counter Strike by making an art installation based on it.



GAME ON: The Counter Strike tournament


In the photography and best selfie competition, the participants had to take photos based on the theme and submit one photo as their entry into the competition. The theme for photography was food and for best selfie it was comedy. In trash craft, the participants had to form teams and make robots using trash or junk.



THE WINNING TEAM: Gyanranjan Parida, Vivid Laishram, and Suhail Pasha won the Trash Craft competition


Lots of participants from various classes participated in the fest and showcased their creativity. The winners were awarded with prizes and the volunteers were given a token of appreciation for their effort.



THE TEAM BEHIND THE FEST: (Center) Sandeep Kumar (3D Faculty), Shishira Suresh Athreya (2D & 3D Faculty), and Nandini Hegde (Film Production Faculty) with the White Canvas representatives and volunteers



A TOKEN OF APPRECIATION: All the representatives and volunteers were applauded for their effort
In the picture: Subish Kumar (2D Faculty) giving a certificate to Sanath Mohan



AND THE WINNER IS: Dinesh Damodaran (Center Head, Jain Animation School) awarded prizes to the Counter Strike winners