Model a Minion using NURBS in Maya

By Satish B, Academic Head, Department of Animation, Jain University


Welcome to part 3 of this tutorial.

We will model the Minion’s arm.

A NURBS cylinder which is open at both ends can be used to design the arm. The arm should be created in the ‘T’ pose.


Use circular fillet to blend the arm to the body as shown below.


We will model the glove next.
The palm portion of the glove can be lofted from a series of NURBS circles.


Design the finger from a NURBS sphere.



The minion in the reference has got 3 fingers in each arm.
Therefore, duplicate the finger 3 times and arrange it on the glove as shown below.


Use circular fillet between each finger and the glove to blend the fingers smoothly.


Delete all the construction history to improve performance.
Group the various parts of the arm together and duplicate the group across to the other side.
Your model should look similar to the figure below.


Looking good, isn’t it? We have a few more details left.

Let us model the tongue now.
Create a NURBS sphere with default settings. Adjust the control vertices and shape the sphere like the tongue.


Place the tongue carefully inside the minion’s mouth.


We are almost done with the model.
Just one more detail to the finish line.
Let us adjust the eyeball and make it more detailed.
Insert 3 isoparms on the eyeball as shown in the picture below.


Adjust the control vertices to create the pupil of the eye.


Repeat the process for the other eye.
Now our minion model is complete.


This modeling tutorial ends here.
The texturing and shading will be covered in another tutorial.

We have gone through a lot of toolsets and workflows in NURBS. If you have any

questions, please send an email to

I wish you good luck in modeling your own characters now.
Happy modeling.