Jain Animation School (JAS) had the privilege to host a TASI (The Animation Society of India) event featuring renowned artists of the Indian animation industry – Vaibhav Kumaresh and Chetan Sharma. The event was organized to showcase the WIP (work in progress) films  and series that are due for release in the Indian market.


The event kick started with the very energetic and enthusiastic Vaibhav Kumaresh. He is the creative genius behind characters like Simpoo Singh, Chulbuli, the Amaron TVC, and the recent Vodafone Zumi TVC that have entertained audiences across barriers.

Vaibhav showcased the WIP of his series ‘Return of the Jungle’. The promo of the same caught the attention of the audience back in 2011. Return of The Jungle has a 100% DESI tag to it in terms of its story telling and characters. Each and every character in the series is very close and relatable to people we come across every day.

In his session, Vaibhav shared a lot of pre-production material, which included animatics, character designs, concepts, backgrounds and reference material just to name a few. A detailed insight was given on the making of the film, beginning with a collection of reference materials that were used in designing the series, as well as choosing accents and actions for each character in the film.

WIP animation shots and blocked animations were also showcased with their breakdowns. A couple of final clips were also screened. The references for animation featured a short clip, where the animator’s at Vaibhav Studios put themselves in the characters shoes and act out a small sequence. After all of them have interpreted their versions, the suitable actions were picked from each shot and stitched together to form a suitable reference.

Towards the end of the presentation, Vaibhav entertained the audiences with a Q & A and a feedback session. A couple of questions were targeted at the character designs and references in Return of the Jungle. Vaibhav said that he had the freedom to pick what looked good without worrying about the type of animal or person because it was an independent project. He got very interesting points and feedback on the story, treatment, animation, and characters which featured in the series.

As much as we would wish to tell you more about the series from what we saw, we would want our readers to just wait a little longer and see what the excitement is about once it hits the small screen.

Chetan Sharma

Synonymous to Chetan Sharma is Animagic studio, which he co-found in 1997. Animagic has grown to be one of the proficient 2D studios in India. They have created content like Raju and I, Tripura, and the yet to be released Swami Ayappan and also ads such as Bisleri’s water monster commercial.

Chetan Sharma, who is a director at Animagic presented the WIP of their latest feature Swami Ayappan. Unlike the earlier session that kick started the event, this particular one orchestrated by Chetan began with a quick, random, and energetic doodling session fuelled by music.

Following this he showcased an exhaustive amount of artwork along with references and resource material, and also spoke about the making of the film. Being a first for Animagic the entire film originally is in Malayalam. He said that this project brought new challenges in terms of design, the culture of the region and the time period of the story. Collaborating with the team from Toonz was another first for Animagic.

Chetan talked about the film majorly as a regional based film. Other than the usual theme, its major intent later was to introduce the character of Ayappan (who is well known in southern India) to all parts of the country.

The process of storyboarding and staging the characters were broken down and a very detailed insight into the production process was presented. However, the icing on the cake was the character designs, turnarounds, backgrounds and WIP shots from the film that were shown during the session. On the similar lines that Vaibhav put things when it came to how important reference was, Chetan too stressed about having to collect the right material.


Post the TASI event, both the speakers were presented with a small token of appreciation from the team and students at JAS. Keeping tradition TASI presented a return gift to the students of JAS. After the session, Vaibhav and Chetan looked at the students’ artworks and answered their questions.