By Nandini Hegde,  Film Production Faculty, Jain Animation School



ENLIGHTENING AND FUN: Shelley Page talked about character development.

DreamWorks Animation. Names of a lot of famous animated films pop into your head when you hear the name of this studio. The students of Jain Animation School (JAS) had the privilege to meet someone who has been a part of DreamWorks since it was founded eighteen years ago in 1995. Shelley Page works as the Head of International Outreach at DreamWorks and she interacts with schools and universities all over the world. She visited the Jain Animation School campus this month and mesmerized everyone with everything that she had in store for us.


ALL SMILES: Shelley Page with the faculty members of Jain Animation School.

This particular session conducted for the students of JAS focused on character development and design. Page explained in detail with references to movies like How to Train Your Dragon and Kung Fu Panda, the importance of the process of character development and design. She presented several examples of the evolution of a character during the designing process. She shared character designs made by Nicolas Marlet, Carlos Grangel, Iain McCaig, Carter Goodrich and Neil Ross. Although she encouraged students to use their creativity and imagination, she also emphasized how important it is to look at professional artists’ work to draw inspiration. She showed an example of this and she also showed how animators act and record each other’s expressions for reference.

She ended her session with some short animation films made by the students of Filmakademie and Annecy. After the session, Page looked at the students’ artworks and answered their questions.


TIPS FROM THE EXPERT: Shelley Page gave suggestions to the students to improve their skills.