By Dinesh D, Center Director, Jain Animation School

Welcome to  OASIS (Open Animation Society for Innovation and Studies), the official blog page of Jain Animation School (JAS).

Here you will find an influx of information and knowledge that can help you understand subjects and the industry better. Each faculty member is passionate about the industry and is dedicated to the cause of creating excellent artists who would create a niche for themselves.

India has become an animation outsourcing hub and has made its mark for its skilled artists and quality work. The Animation, VFX, Gaming & Comics (AVGC) sector is moving towards creating its own IP content for the local market. There has been a lot of competition among content creators to attract the attention of consumers which has led to more innovation in the way a story is told. For example, the story and characters of Batman are the same but the way it has been projected over a period of time has been different. The use of technology and VFX has made it possible for storytellers to project their stories more convincingly.

The Indian AVGC sector today is at a very exciting juncture. There is lot of support and assistance provided by the government to make this the next IT sector. Many international studios are setting their shop here and a lot of outsourcing work comes to Indian studios. The industry is looking for a lot of creative talent who can take this industry forward.

JAS is dedicated to the cause of creating skilled creative artists and  OASIS is a platform for budding artists to gain knowledge and information with regard to new trends and techniques in the industry.