By Nandini Hegde, Film Production Faculty, Jain Animation School


Ralph Waldo Emerson had once said: ‘Every artist was once an amateur.’

Students join Jain Animation School (JAS) as amateurs and hope to become artists some day. This is why at JAS we encourage our students to showcase their work and gain experience which will help them to pursue a career in the animation industry. The second semester at JAS gives a chance to the aspiring filmmakers to test their filmmaking skills.


FRIENDS OR FOES: The team of Drohi.


JINXED SATURDAY: The team of The Weekend.

FRAMES 2013 is the event held by JAS to screen the fiction films made by the B.Sc. Animation students. The event was started with the showreel that highlighted the work done by the students of Jain Animation School. The next showreel showcased the VFX and the 3D projects made by the diploma students.


A STORY OF FATE: The team of Kismat.


UNUSUAL FRIENDSHIP: The team of Uneven Edges.

The hosts of the event – Darshan Apoorva and Gauthami Raju – welcomed everyone to the event and invited the 4 teams who made the fiction films one by one. Ganesh Kelamane, Malavika Raghunath, Abin Rajesh and Pooja Murthy spoke about their team’s film and their team’s experience during the making of the film.  After the screening, each team was invited on stage and introduced by the hosts.

IMGM0307 (1)

APPRECIATING THE FILMS: Head of the Computer Science Department – Prof. V. Achutha addressing the gathering.

The films were screened for an audience comprising of staff members, lecturers, students and parents. The films were appreciated by all the dignitaries. The Head of the Computer Science Department – Prof. V. Achutha said that the concepts and technical aspects in the films are commendable. The Vice Chancellor of Jain University – Dr. N. Sundararajan felt that the films reflect reality and that they convey a good message to the audience. He was impressed by the films and appreciated the efforts of the students.


IMPRESSED WITH THE FILMS: Vice Chancellor of Jain University – Dr. N. Sundararajan.



IN THE END: After the event, the lecturers, staff members and students of JAS gathered for a photo with Prof. V. Achutha.


(PICTURES COURTESY: Sarath Sankar, 1st year, B.Sc. Animation)


Here’s a synopsis of the 4 films and you can watch the films on our YouTube channel:

(Click on the name of the film to watch it.)



The film is about two friends – Arya and Vinay – who think differently. One believes that life is all about having fun and the other is ambitious. This film shows you what happens to these two friends when they choose to do what they believe in.

CAST: Ganesh Kelamane, Chethan J.S. and Varun Pitchumani





The film is about a guy – Siddharth – who is planning to go to Goa with his friends on a weekend. Before he goes for the trip he has to finish some work. When he tries to get the work done, he gets into trouble and his trip is at stake. This film shows what happens to Siddharth in the weekend.

CAST: Darshan Apoorva, Akhil Mathew and Nancy Wilson

DIRECTOR: Akshay Bhimaya




“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

– The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

This thought is the crux of the story of the film – Kismat. The film is about the relationship between a father and a son.

CAST: Shubham Chauhan and Major Arvind Kumar

DIRECTOR: Abin Rajesh




Stan is a small-time magician who has a mundane life. His dad is a watchman in an apartment. One day Stan meets someone in the apartment and he feels that his life is not going to be monotonous anymore.

CAST: Stan Renoldo, Hemant, and Raghav Bhalla

DIRECTOR: Darshan Apoorva