By Malavika Raghunath,  IInd year B.Sc. Animation, Jain Animation School

As an initiation into the animation department, a Freshers’ Day was organized for the new batch of students. It was held at Lumbini Garden near Hebbal, an amusement park on the side of a scenic lake. The day began with an introductory speech, which was followed by a dance off between the first years.

The activities for the day included a treasure hunt and a talent show for the first years. The students were split into three groups, each consisting of five students. Each group had one or two seniors keeping track of their progress. Some of the seniors had spent the morning hiding clues for the treasure hunt. Some of the clues could only be found by performing tasks requested by the person holding the clue. After the treasure hunt, lunch was served.

At the start of the day, the juniors were asked to fill out a questionnaire which was used to choose the contestants for the talent show. The chosen ones were put through a stress interview and act out random situations given to them. In the end, Avnish and Ayusha were chosen as the winners and crowned as Mr. And Ms. Fresher.


THE CHOSEN ONES: (from left) Avnish Singh, Sahil Ahmed, Sarath Sankar, Panchami C, Arokiaraj   Kennedy, Aishwarya R and Ayusha Sunku were selected for the stress interview.

Seniors cheering for their juniors.


FACING THE HEAT: Ayusha Sunku during the stress interview conducted by the seniors.


TREASURE HUNT WINNERS: (from left) Panchami C, Amrutha Manjunath, Sahil Ahmed, Abilesh D and Arokiaraj Kennedy.