Jain Animation School organised the 2nd edition of White Canvas fest on 30th November and 1st December 2015. White Canvas 2015 was bigger with more innovative events, double the fun with exciting prizes and goodies to be won. This year the fest was open for students from other colleges across Bangalore and they responded with enthusiasm with about 300 students participating in various events.

There were various events like Counter Strike gaming contest, Trash style, Beat Boxing, Movie Spoof, Cosplay fashion show and Design your Indian Superhero held across 2 days. Students from various colleges took part in these events to prove their mettle and caliber. ICAT, Arena, MAAC, St. Joseph, St. Aloysius, National College and Maharani College were some of the participating colleges in the fest.
Each event showcased some amazing creative work by the participating teams/individuals.

Beat Boxing saw some high-octane entertainment with over 23 beat boxers fighting for supremacy, probably the biggest in a college event. The voice percussionists engrossed the audience with their quick stand-ups and acoustic range.

DSC_0114 (Copy)

Trash Style gave the participants a chance to showcase their fashion designing skills. The unique event saw the participants creating costumes made up of trash materials like paper cups, newspapers, CDROMs, etc. Every outfit created out of almost nothing brought out the creative hat of the team and also enticed a lot of interest among the onlookers.



The first-person shootout game, Counter Strike, exercised the brains of the competitors with its timely strategies and hard-core action..


‘Design your Indian Superhero’ saw the participants sketching characters trickled in Indian tradition and ethos. Participants designed superheroes with imaginative power and figuratively bring them to life on paper. It was a thrilling task for the participants and the spectators to watch Superheroes of all sizes and shapes with color, different dynamic actions, and poses come to life. Superheroes clad in dhoti’s and wielding sickles, superheroes who can control calamities to human minds was a welcome experience.




‘Cos Play’, a theme-based fashion show ushered in the Zombies, Daredevil, the Addams Family, and other characters on to the stage and entertained the audience with their costumes and vivacity. The sight of students dressed-up as different fictional comic characters was an absolute delight to watch. Having a fashion show connected with cosplay gave the students a platform to showcase their costumes in a much better way.




Making spoof movies and videos has always been a major hit amongst youngsters. It is something people can relate to and laugh at. This event, gave the participants a chance to make hilarious spoof movies and videos and showcase their talent. Movie Spoof once again brought out the creative hat and saw people spoofing the legendry Sholay to the recent mammoth hit Baahubali.  In the end “Showlay” was able to entice and entertain the audience with their wit and creativity.

The two-day event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of all the events.


White Canvas received a good dose of media coverage, highlighting our creative events and the enthusiastic participation of students.