Hi, in this content i would like to share few simple tips, to be followed to create appealing poses.


  • Exaggerate the character expressions always.
  • Always create the extreme poses even if its a action,settle or accent pose.
  • Line of action is important to define the action.
  • Negative spacing is for good silhouette.


  • ¬†Usage of rhythm in action defines the character acting.
  • Creating positive and negative line of action poses,provides better timing and spacing.



  • Weight balance is a must,usage of “Inclination” method is suggested to maintain the gravity of the character poses.
  • Always maintain the eye contact with the secondary character.
  • Try to implement “drag” in the axis of the action.



  • Implement the “Drag” in opposite direction to settle the action.
  • Usage of “Cadence” is recommended to define the axis of the character action.



  • Do not lose eye contact at any given point of time, to the character pose in an action.
  • Even in an dynamic pose the character should maintain its balance.
  • The “break action” pose is an important pose where it defines the character action, the pose is usually created by breaking the axis of the action.



  • The settle pose, the pose should be in a relax position as the character has completed its action.
  • The expression of the character should express that he has completed the action.

I hope the tips has helped in developing your posing skills. Thank you