On 13 Feb 2015, Jain Animation School introduced a monthly art competition. The purpose of the competition was to trigger the passion and competitiveness amongst the students. This competition is open to all the students, enrolled in an animation course under Jain Animation School and Jain University. We congratulate all the students who registered for this competition. We are looking at this as an initial spark is required to light the fire.
The theme for the first competition was ‘Road Side Cafe’.
During the first monthly competition, the entrants had to submit five WIP images and the final print, which is of A3 size.  
We would like to applaud the following works that has been shortlisted by our staff members.


Rashmi V, 3rd Sem VED



Nikhil Mohan, 6th Sem VED 2_Nikhil_VED
Sunil Sharma, 4th Sem BSc.


Sahana V, 2nd Sem BSc




Abilesh D, 4th Sem BSc



Jain Animation School will continue to encourage the students to explore their skills by participating in competitions such as this one. We appreciate all the participants for taking the time from their regular schedule. We wish everyone good luck for the forth coming monthly competitions.
The Topic for next month’s competition is “PIRATE SHIP DOCK”.
Best wishes to everyone.