Hello everyone,

In the animation industry, the work of any artist is to make the unreal real. This is a challenging venture and it will take a lifetime for some to conquer. A 3D artist must keep himself motivated by seeking inspiration from his surroundings. It is alright to copy from films as long as you practice. However, modeling a car from a tutorial, recreating spider man and re-inventing robots from transformers does not make one a successful artist. These works do not become part of your demo reel. They are just assignments through which you learn the tools of the trade.

A demo reel or a show reelĀ  is something personal. It is serious work through which the artist is trying to express his passion towards a specific art form rather than impress. It must showcase only the most celebrated of your art works. It must also contain break downs where necessary. It must highlight your artistic and technical skill sets to the audience. It must also target a specific industry. After researching an industry or a company, you must tailor your demo reel to match their requirements.

Here are some of the featured show reels of our students.

Nancy Mariam Wilson: BSc Animation


Akhil Mathew: BSc Animation


Bhavesh Bhat: BSc Animation


Vinith Srinivas: BSc Animation


Sankeerh G S: BSc Animation


Eshwar B G: BSc Animation


Varun P: BSc Animation


And here is an old one worth mentioning….

Prithvi Mohan: Diploma in Animation


I wish everyone much success in making your demo reels / portfolio/ show reels.

Please direct all your queries to satish@jainanimation.in

Have a great day.