An animator describes walk as “the character falls to the next step and balances him for the next fall”. On this post, I would describe about how to animate a walk cycle in brief.

Walk cycle- character complete walk cycle is animated/moves in a spot and not progressive.
(I have animated a rat walk cycle keeping in mind the character personality is angry)

 When we animate a character the points/principles to keep in mind are:
  • Appeal
  • Solid drawing
  • Line of action
  • Follow through and overlapping action
  • Wave principle
To create a walk cycle it is compulsory to create the following poses:
  • Contact one and two- the first and the last pose of the walk cycle
  • Down pose one and two- the squash/ anticipation
  • Pass pose one and two- considered as the breakdown pose/defines the way the character action/walk
  • Up pose one and two- the exaggerated pose
  • Breakdown pose- defines the path of the action
  • In-between- a pose created between two drawings

It is considered as a communication tool from the ruff animation to assistant animation to the final clean up artist.

It is compulsory to number each poses, and number the key poses by drawing a circle around the number it so that the animators, in-between artist as well the cleanup artist understand which the key poses are.

The cycle.

To complete/connect the cycle it is must to create a break down and in-between with up-pose 2 and contact pose 1.


I hope this post has helped you by providing few techniques that you can use in your walk cycle animation